Friday Pins + Links

1.  DIY Copper Leaf Gourds
2.  Pretty paper leaf cutouts
3.  Kitchen design by Templeton
4.  A calming bedroom
5.  A simple cake (love the colors - blue, brown, cream)
6.  Make a paper village
7.  The .99 cent DIY candle makeover
8.  Copper, wood, dark walls (what more can I say)?
9.  All the copper and the mirror (I would've never thought to put a mirror above the stove, but I love this)!

Last call is today for our 2-month market - click here for more info!

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Jan Halvarson


Goed in Stijl said...

the first link (DIY copper) leads to a wrong page...

Pinecone Camp said...

Love that bedroom and the copper fixture in 8 is perfect. Have a good weekend!

room6 said...

love those candles!

thea said...

those coppery colours are so luscious & rich aren't they? So perfect for christmas! A great collection :)