DIY Gold Foiled Pillow

Contributor post by Ashley of Sugar & Cloth

If you're anything like me, November and December are prime time for running around the house getting everything all dolled up for guests and maybe even making a handmade gift or two for a few lovely people. Luckily, this gold foiled pillow DIY can double as both and it's simple enough that you don't have to be be super crafter to get it all done.

Foil and glitter adhesive
Gold foiling sheets (any craft store)
Pillow cover/pillow
Parchment paper

First, chalk your design or wording onto the fabric so that you can get an idea of the layout. Trace over the chalk with the foiling adhesive, and wait until it's completely dried (or if you're feeling a bit impatient you can use a blow-dryer on low heat).

Cut the foil so that it covers your entire design, and then place it shiny side up onto the fabric*. Lay parchment paper over all of the foil and iron for about 30 seconds on each area. You'll be able to tell if it's adhering because you'll see the design start to show through the foil layer. Let it cool completely, then peel the foil off. 

*If you've never used foiling this way before, test it out on a scrap piece of fabric, first.

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Anonymous said...

Wow it looks very amazing! Do you on wich the degrees it could be washed? Thank you for the inspiration and have a great day

Gina said...

How beautifully simple! I love this.

Heather Belle said...

Super cute!
xo Heather

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth said...

@monsterscircus The foiling can be washed as a delicate item after it has set fot at least 72 hours :) hope this helps!

Vintage Home said...

oh wow I need to try this...maybe in the shape of a moose!

Ruth said...

Hi! I love this gold foil pillow idea, super creative!

Also, do you know where that dark grey plush blanket is from? Looks super comfy!