DIY: Awesome Pins from You Are Awesome Book

Today we're stoked to host a DIY by Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst from her new book, You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy out in stores November 30th/12. Abbey as many of you know was a contributor here on Poppytalk a bit back and successfully runs her inspiring blog, Aesthetic Outburst.  Her new book is a collection of unique DIY projects like her "HELLO" embroidered screen door (we featured earlier this year in one of our cool decorating trick posts) to some fun modern hand painted mason jars.  All ideas are super chill and awesomely easy! 

So I was thrilled when Abbey agreed to share the book cover's DIY with us! Awesome Pins - a cool craft to make someone who inspires you (a theme that carries out through her book).  The book with illustrated instructions by Fiona Biddington is available at Amazon and is published through Cicada Books. Abbey will also be signing books at second storie indie market in Rochester, NY on November 24th if you're in the area. Check out the DIY after the jump.

Awesome Pins

17 wood spring clothespins
17 dimensional letters (available at craft stores)
acrylic paint

tacky glue

1. Paint the top of each clothespin and allow the paint to dry.
2. Sand the clothespin edges to remove any stray paint.
3. Apply tacky glue to the back of each letter and position the letter at the top, painted side of each clothespin. Allow to dry before using.

 A few screenshots from the book:

You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy by Abbey Hendrickson, illustrated by Fiona Biddington available at Amazon and published by Cicada Books.

Abbey Hendrickson online: Blog | Twitter | Pinterest

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Not only the ideas but the illustrations are very cute. I will go to Amazon to check out the book. Thank you for sharing:)

Aiza said...

These are so cute! the book looks great too :)

Yelle said...

Love it! Seems super easy, and eye catching! I love all of the usage of letters in both the wooden pins and natural magnets.

Unknown said...

This is such a cute idea...I love it!!!

Erica said...

These are AWESOME! ;)

custom stickers said...

A great DIY project, especially the crafting of characters is awesome.