Dispatches from Austin: Mockingbird Domestics

Contributor post by Tracy Castro of Fair Morning Blue

Last month, Austin welcomed an amazing new home goods store to its ranks: Mockingbird Domestics. I have to tell you, dear Poppytalk friends - I am completely smitten with this shop. 

Shop owners Jeff & Laura Daly seek out the very best Texas craftsmen and artisans to bring together a beautiful collection of handcrafted home provisions. They also offer a small and constantly changing selection of vintage and international items. Mockingbird Domestics invites their artisans into the store to offer workshops, too. 

I love buying from a small business that supports local artists, bringing their work to a wider audience. I adore a shop that preserves our resources by repurposing and giving new life to the highest quality antique and vintage pieces. I am thrilled to find unusual, curious little baubles that do not exist in multiple editions via mass productions. But most of all, I love Jeff and Laura's impeccable modern classic style. The feel at Mockingbird is undeniably Texan; there is an old-fashioned aspect reminiscent of my childhood: handmade quilts, enamelware, vintage pyrex. But nothing is too fussy or cluttered - the vintage becomes the perfect compliment to the modern and the urban chic. Like I told you, I am completely smitten with Mockingbird Domestics - and I'm certain my mom and grandma would be as well.

Mockingbird Domestics
2151 South Lamar
Austin, Texas


Tracy Castro is a native Texan and the artist behind Fair Morning Blue. Find Tracy on her blogfacebooktwitter, and pinterest.

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Jinger said...

Absolutely wonderful shop. A welcome addition to S. Lamar.