Dispatches from Argentina: Felicidad

Guest post by Agus of Sin Pecado Concebida

Last week I had an early dinner at Felicidad, one of my favorite cafes in Las CaƱitas, a chic neighborhood in Buenos Aires. I love the way they have decorated the space with a mix of pastel colors, Scandinavian-style furniture and cool-looking fonts. With a hippie chic style it’s a bohemian small cafe with a retro feel, yummy baked goods, light savory meals, and the most amazing juices. Definitely a New York Soho vibe detected here with their foreign waiters dressed in floral aprons, green mint walls and french fries that are supposed to rank in the top five of the city. Ideal for a quick talk with friends, or a long brunch on a Sunday morning (I’m practically a local). As a bonus if you like the tableware you can buy it! Images via BLVD furniture. (More after the jump).


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