Dispatch from Tokyo: Tokyo Art Book Fair 2012

Contributor post from Ros of Polkaros

Greetings from Tokyo! We are back with some pictures to share from the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2012 that was held last weekend. With over 230 participants, Tokyo Art Book Fair is the biggest art book fair in Asia. The 3 day event was overflowing with creativity and inspiration. We were very honored to showcase our latest Polkaros zine alongside with all the amazing zine makers and art book publishers from around the world. 

We met Eunice Luk and were amazed by her beautiful handcrafted books!

Hello Sandwich was also at the fair exhibiting her latest book and handmade zine! 

Here's a picture of our Polkaros booth with our latest zine

Ros Lee is a lifestyle product/ zakka designer based in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by Japan's traditional crafts and unique zakka goods, she moved to Japan to study Textile design 8 years ago and has been living there ever since. She recently launched her Polkaros online store that carries some of the lifestyle products that she has designed in Japan. In her free time, Ros enjoys pottery, silkscreening, sewing and going around Japan with her camera.

Jan Halvarson


natanoja said...

So colourful! I wish i could be there.


memtree said...

wow! one day i will get to the fair! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like such fun. Another reason to go to Tokyo!

Kreetta said...

so many colors! Fun in Tokyo. I'd liked that.