Dispatches from Spain: Ad Hoc

Contributor post by Serena Olivieri

A twitter friend told me about this lovely shop in the beautiful neighborhood of Las letras (literally: the letters, meaning humanities, since lots of spanish writers during the golden years lived there) in Madrid, so I went to take a look. I was really pleased to find in this shop a great  connection between nature & fashion.

Ad Hoc is the result of a mix between  flower shop Vinca per Vinca, represented by Cayetana and the fashion design shop Ad Hoc, with Clara being the owner.

This collaboration started 4 years ago, they chose an old flower shop to set up their business and also kept some pieces of the vintage furniture - good choice!

What I really liked was the atmosphere of the place, the scratched walls, the colours, the wooden furniture and the plants. Actually there wasn't as many plants and flowers as there usually is due to Cayetana's vacations, but if you take a look at their blog, you could see what it usually looks like!

So, flower arrangements, plants, little seeds packages on one side and fashion on the other: Clara likes to find handmade products, young designers and unique objects to fill the shop. Washi tapes, jewelry, clothes, stationery...everything handmade and unique belongs here

Ad Hoc
c/ León 11
Madrid, Spain
T. 913697620

All images by Serena Olivieri

Jan Halvarson


Lisanne van de Klift said...

Looks like a beautiful store! I have the bird paper clips too. So cute!

Beautiful week!

Love Lisanne

Pinecone Camp said...

I want to live in that shop! Great post Serena!

Vero Palazzo said...

Las Letras is one of the greatest towns in Madrid! And that shop looks amazing, next time in MAD, I will definetely visit it.

Unknown said...

Ok! I need a one way ticket now to Spain and visit that shop. You did a really great job because those pictures reflects something like a unique atmosphere!

Unknown said...

I get lost----in a good way----in these kinds of design boutiques. Ad Hoc looks lovely. I spied some wonderful articulated paper dolls there. I love to create them, promote them (on my blog every week) and to send them to people who want to play with paper toys!

Anonymous said...

Ok ladies, let's a organize a Poppytour to Madrid ;)

Unknown said...

Beautiful collections... I definitely want to visit the store when I ever get to have a trip to Madrid!