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Guest post by Agus of Sin Pecado Concebida

"I have lots of work to do today, but I just went to the grocery store and I'm making soup. The bag in which the basil lies has been moving for the last 20 minutes... I guess its going to fall, but I rather it decides ". An excerpt from Lola´s autobiography, it gives us a sense of what kind of artist she is and how she creates relationships with the most mundane things around her. Her craft-full hands design little creatures that travel around the city and become salt and pepper shakers, egg holders or even tea-pots. They are all extremely cute yet utilitarian. The perfect combo, huh? You can find more info on Lola on her webpage: www.muitotosto.com/lola

About Augusta Pastor
A trend addict, architect and roamer of the streets of Buenos Aires.
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