Video DIY : Embroider on Paper with Sublime Stitching

A cute little DIY from Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching and the KIN DIY community. For more KIN DIY projects and videos, subscribe "FREE downloadable Hello Cloud pattern:

Carbon Transfer Paper
Tracing Stylus Stationery

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Jan Halvarson


erin said...

this is so cute! hate to ask a dumb question but - does it seem to anyone else like you could skip the step of pre-punching the holes through the cardstock with an unthreaded needle? i don't quite get the purpose of that step.

Ana Maria said...

love this! what a special way to make a personalized card.

Dreaming of June said...

Awesome idea! So many possibilities.

Kerstin said...

That's a really cute idea :) I have to try it!

Caro said...

So cute!

lililila said...

To erin : If you don't pre-punch the holes and if you go from backside to front side of card it will make an ugly hole. Try ! You'll see !