Sunday Reading + Happy Father's Day!

A few links (and pins) for your Sunday reading:

1. Striped Runner; 2. Geninne Zlatkis via Deborah Beau, 3. Beautiful patterns by Alexander Terekhov, 4. Vintage Camera Sabre, 5. Jeddah Woven rush seat , 6. Rare Textiles (from Cameroon) 7. Vintage Pacific Beer Lager, 8. Giant Cacti

Now that summer is almost here, a few summer tent ideas.
I used this printable wallpaper as Father's Day gift wrap (if you need some too)!
Paint it white
The future of DIY
10 Father's Day printables (in case you need one)!
8 years of photobooth birthday photos
Rainbow typewriter
As my google translator says "Up to Camping"!
Have you seen Nikole's film about her father? I haven't had time till today (makes me miss mine). On a sidenote, I loved the closing song, My Daddy Was a Rock and Roller by Jason Collett
Happy Father's Day and Sunday!

livet hemma

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Great camper the peck eriba one. We have almost the same, almost because our is handpainted totally as shown here :

And long life to your blog i've discovered a while ago.

Zahra123 said...

Great links! Love links to holiday/ occasion related crafts, thanks a lot! I also did a father's day craft post :) xxx

J'aime le Panda said...

I love so much Vintage Camera <3

Ikhsanudin said...


Unknown said...

I love Genine's art work!
I've been a great fan of all her work for ages and I spotted this particular one on Pinterest as well.
Great choices :-)