Grow Your Own

Contributor Post from Megan at Room6

The folks at Bold & Noble in England have just released Grow Your Own Calendar prints in a beautiful emerald green and slate blue (above) so you can keep track of what needs doing when (in England anyway.)

I'm also drawn to the Limited Edition Foil Blocked London type prints available in Gold, Silver and Bronze and their Olympic themed Faster, Higher, Stronger prints which would make lovely souvenirs from the upcoming Olympic games.

Images from Bold & Noble

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's not good for my account to follow you. Always I'm finding one thing after the otherthat I really must own.
The Grow your own speaks to my heart. Have a happy

room6 said...

i love the grow your own print too! very inspiring to think i could eat from my own garden someday.