Sunday Reading

installation by Asai Yusuke - mt tape factory tour - part 2 via Polkaros

Loving this installation by Asai Yusuke - mt tape factory tour via Polkaros
My 10 Fave DIY's
Hmmm... a pinterest enabled print magazine?
Speaking of adorable sheds...
Like Brian says, "this would make a beautiful pantry wall"
Friends of Form
Free online sewing classes this weekend!
Hello, is it tea you're looking for? 
I love cardboard houses
I wish I could understand spanish, because this quilted pillow tutorial is adorable
The perfect weekend getaway tent
Happy Sunday + Happy Memorial Day weekend to our U.S. friends!

Jan Halvarson


Kreetta said...

Great installation by Asai Yusuke. Had to check Polkaros post also - it would be fun to take part!

S. said...

This is a beautiful and interesting blog! Visit mine, you're welcome!