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Images: 1+ 2 Kitchen (Photo: Stellan Herner, Styling: Lo Bjurulf för Elle Interiör) via Riazolli 3. Pencils through Image Spark (via April and May) 4. Home of Tess Lloyd of Polli (Pictures Naomi Leonard) for Bloesem Kids

Today I'm visiting Irene of Bloesem's beautiful Pinterest boards –whom I've been a fan of for years.  Her eye for beautiful design is one of the best I know online and her boards are the same.  From Dutch Designer Profiles to Kid's Color Palettes, they're all worth following. Click here to see.


Images: 1. Mini viewer kids DIY at Bloesem, 2. Utilitarian ceramic Vessels by B.Fiess, 3. Potomak ceramics, 4. Beneath the Sun textiles

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Jan Halvarson


How2home said...

LOVE the back splash of photo#1 !!! the contrast of black and white is beyond stunning...but im wondering what the pattern is called if i was to look for the same back splash?

How2home said...

p.s. this is my first time visiting your blog and its great!