Inspiration: Swedish Mother's Day + Weddings

The folks at Ikea's blog, Livet Hemma sent over these pretty pictures today that I couldn't pass up.  Apparently it's Mother's Day there this weekend - (and people like to get married this time of year too - hence the photo shoot).  Love the idea of a quaint gathering like this outdoors in the field with poms strung randomly from the trees. (Purple flowers in Ă„LSKLIG vases, Photographer Nina Broberg).  

cute washi tape "just married"

Jan Halvarson


Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

it's all OH SO PRETTY!

Bleah Briann//Lovely said...

Mmm so pretty!


Unknown said...

Beautiful !

Brooke said...

Love the easy going feel of this lunch. I know of the perfect Australian South Coast venue for it, now to find an occasion.