Do You Know The Maker ?

A few weeks back I grabbed this beautiful decoupaged chair image (and what I thought was it's link) and for some reason the two lost each other.  Does anyone know the maker? I know it's a collective out of South Africa (I believe I found it via a South African magazine - but my search has come up empty handed).  I'd love to hear from you if you know (they make some beautiful pieces).  In the meantime - this image actually inspired me to look into decoupage myself - it's been years since I've done anything like it and have totally forgotten how.  I did a post on it (a how-to link, along with inspiration) over at Babble today.  Click here if you're interested.

Update:  (Thanks to reader Mariana - we now know.  It's Amanda du Plessis and Elizabeth Pulles of Evolution).  Thanks Mariana!

Jan Halvarson


Vintage Home said...

sorry I don't ...but that is wonderful..!
Yikes all those wonderful little school house chairs are going to be getting very hip makeovers...and I know Kevi @ Twig @ the Scout Market has this very chair to sell this weekend....!
Thanks so much for highlighting the sale over here...great big shout out!
Rachel & Lily are amazing & it is a privilege to be in their Markets!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't know the maker either, but I would love to own it! Maybe you could make some yourself.

pamela said...

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Searched over 2.1572 billion images.

used with no luck

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks so far -

ringo's girl said...

Hey! that looks an awful lot like the work or Leslie Oschmann...she's not out of South Africa,, it could be someone else. Leslie is a mixed media artist, she creates collages on old chairs and bags and name it...her company/shop "swarm" is located in Amsterdam (her chairs were featured on man shops globe in 2010, I believe) and you can view her works here:
or you can watch a little bio of her here (you have to scroll down to hollan/belgium episode):
and if these links don't work, contact me on my blog and I'll email you ;o) hope this helps...even if SHE'S not the artist behind this chair, her work is inspiring.

mariana said...

It's by South Africa-based artists Amanda du Plessis and Elizabeth Pulles similar pieces by them are being currently sold at Anthropologie

Jan Halvarson said...

ringo's girl - thanks - i am familiar with swarm -

Jan Halvarson said...

mariana - there you go - thanks -

Stel said...

Saw another similar chair in new edition of Ideas magazine ( ...Evolution Chairs, sold at Poetry shops. Might be the same as mentioned above?