Marfa + Heath Ceramics

If anyone remembers my hotel style post on El Cosmico back in 2010 (inspired by an article in ReadyMade Magazine), you may remember the beautiful tex-mex style rugs and blankets in reds, oranges and pinks.  Well looks like Heath Ceramics studio director and potter Adam Silverman visited Marfa last summer (and the adobe home of artist couple Jamey Garza and Constance Holt) and noticed the beautiful things coming from Marfa too and is now bringing them to a show in L.A. called Marfa Amigos. After years of custom work, Garza's furniture and Holt's textiles will now be available to the public . Marfa Amigos runs through May 6 at the Heath Los Angeles Studio & Showroom and includes wood pieces by Pat Keesey, posters by El Cosmico, and soaps from Marfa Brands. Photography courtesy of Heath Ceramics.  (Via Remodelista).


Jan Halvarson

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