Learning to See by Peter Jenny

Photo:  Earl Einarson
Learning to See is a series of pocket-sized books that will inspire you to get drawing (for the beginner or for one who wants to get back into it again).  The trilogy by Peter Jenny (a professor emeritus and chair of visual design at the famous ETH Zurich in Switzerland) are perfect little companions to take anywhere and will get you pulling out your sketchbook, helping you see the world with fresh eyes.  Each book starts with an introductory essay, followed by a series of short exercises. each book focusing on a different aspect: Drawing Techniques takes actions such as gesticulating, touching, feeling, doodling, and moving as the starting points for putting pen to paper. Figure Drawing focuses on the archetypal presentation of the human figure, and The Artist's Eye teaches the reader to discover art in everyday objects.

Paperback. Princeton Architectural Press, 2012 at Princeton Architectural Press or Amazon.

Jan Halvarson

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Always so lost when I want to draw, I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing!