DIY: Three Styled Blinds

Contributor Post by Ana Maria

Are any of you stuck with blah window blinds like I am? As a renter you often don't get to pick and choose the primary decor of your home but with these three quick and easy window-dressing ideas you can add your own personality and have some fun.

Because I live in London, and have grown to love the English tradition of bunting, I used remnant fabrics and a single ribbon to create my own festive flags. It was crazy simple. To give a bit of depth to each triangle cut diamond shaped pieces and fold them in half. After stitching each flag onto the ribbon use a large paperclip to create a solid end and then insert it into the bottom opening of the blind (where a rod or stick usually is for weight). Do this on both ends of the ribbon/blind and it will hang on its own!

If bunting isn't your thing then you could try playful trimming with pom poms (also inserted using a paper clip) or a single long ribbon that is fed through the bottom slot and then tied in a bow as shown below.

The bottom opening makes it possible for LOTS of different takes on styling your blinds. I did this in my office/guest room but it could be so fun in a nursery or children's room, too. So how about it, think you'll give it a shot? Have any other dressing ideas to throw into the mix?


An LA native living in London, Ana Maria is a flea market fanatic with a knack (and love) for DIY. She shares her vintage finds in her online shop, The Pond Market, and captures her adventures and inspirations on her personal lifestyle blog, Anamu.

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Leny said...

♥ this..
thanks for sharing

Margit said...

Great DIY - and amazing pictures -
Creative Tail

Liz said...

so nice! Thank you for the nice idea. I did a similar garland on my cabinet! <3

Maria M. said...

How lovely! These are fabulous ideas. As a renter, I definitely appreciate this post!

Lisa said...

Great ideas! I love the simplicity of the ribbon with a bow