New Shop Alert: Mother

Yesterday whilst browsing through Etsy I came upon the shop Mother.  I favourited it instantly and kept in the back of my mind to investigate.  I thought the model looked familiar and today I see talented Yokoo has announced her new shop Mother.  Eep!  It's full of handmade goodness folks and reminiscent of days gone by –think Sound of Music with a mix of true feminism.  As Yookoo explains:
Mother stems from the desire to rid the fashion world of the notion that modern feminism is the absence of femininity. I wanted to design clothes for true feminist. Women who are not afraid to be women. Women who don't muster up the courage to say, "yes" but feel quite comfortable in the ease of saying, "no."  Mother stands for an authoritative approach to femininity. In nature, the more unseen a power, the more of an authoritative the role.

Check out Mother online:

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

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b and e said...


Cool girl.


Karen L R said...

Fun and fresh! Love it.

Unknown said...

I love the sampler dress! Off to browse now... :o)