10 Creative Ways to Display Books

We’ve been working on converting a large storage closet into a library space in our townhouse and I've been collecting images for the past while for inspiration.  From loft ideas to something as quaint and simple as this vintage ironing board (above) from the home of Scout and Catalogue.  The different ways people display books I’ve come to realize is as individual as the people who display them. I've put some of them together into a slideshow today over at Family Style if you're interested.  Click here to see.

Jan Halvarson


Svenja said...

so cool :)
have a nice saturday! svenja

Unknown said...

I've just find your blog out and I do ADORE it! I'm always looking for inspirations to find a way to take my books my house (I'm studying philosophy, you can imagine how many book I bought every month) so THANK YOU! I follow you!

Maria said...

Book storage is a constant issue around here, so thanks for the ideas!

lisa solomon said...

it's so funny. i DREAM of having really cool book storage... ;) alas. no luck. but these ideas are super cool.