Holiday Lazy Crazy Cute: Last Minute Ways To Jazz Up Your Home, Holiday-Style!

by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake


For the past few weeks I've slowly been adding a little dingle-doo holiday craft attack to our home. I just can't seem to get enough of sprucing our place up Christmas-y style this year! My holiday decor style is as such: look around the house and see what you can make into something that looks kind of holiday-ish without spending a zillion dollars and being wasteful. I thought I'd share these last minute ideas with you, as they are simple as pie to whip up, and only require a few supplies. File under: Holiday Lazy Crazy Cute!

Lazy Cute Crafts # 1: Easy Paper Circle Garland! You know how some crafty sewing type people can whip up one of those adorable circle garlands? Sadly my sewing skills really stink. If you're like me, why not try this method? You will need a circle or shape craft punch in any size, some cute craft paper (or any old paper - recycle something!) some string (I used paper twine) and a mini hole puncher. Punch out your circles, then punch out two mini circles on your punched out circle (ha) and then string along to your heart's desire! So easy! You can do this while listening to your favourite record or while watching 30 minutes of Bridget Jones's Diary or an Ingmar Bergman film! String up your super-simple circle garland and your house is instantly jazzed.

 Punch out shapes and punch out mini holes! The two mini holes help your garland to lie flat.

String it along on a piece of paper twine or thin ribbon! Tie it up to windows, door frames, or use it as a garland for your Christmas tree! Cute! Or, gift it to a friend -handmade gifts rule!

Lazy Cute Crafts #2: Cute Japanese Masking Tape Tree Branches! I love my Dahlhaus vase and wanted to make it look holiday-ish. So I went outside and snipped a few thin branches of our bare Japanese maple tree. I was thinking of making baubles or something for it when I saw my collection of washi tape and thought, "what about tape?"! I think it looks pretty cute and festive, and it took me about nineteen seconds! (10 minutes?) to do! Fold over the tape on a branch, and snip with scissors to form that cute inverted triangle look. You can do holiday colours or stick with a pretty colour theme. Washi tape can sometimes be found for cheap at a Japanese dollar store (such as Daiso) or online at many places such as Omiyage - just google washi tape! Or, you could also create the same look using ribbon, stuck together with double-sided tape.

Lazy Cute Crafts #3: Branches Strung Up On A Rope Around Your Door! I bought one branch of beautiful-smelling white pine for two dollars from my local florist, Olla Flowers, and man I've been jamming this stuff for weeks now. I placed it in vases around the house for an instant Wintery look, and now I'ved used it to string up around my door. Sure, it looks home-job DIY but there's a charm to it, right? All I did was tie up the pine branches along with some cedar branches (cut from our backyard tree) with rough ropey-twine I found at the dollar store. I used three push pins on top of the door frame to secure the rope!

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you enjoyed this lazy-crafts post!

xo Lyndsay
Coco Cake

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

you had me at "dingle-doo." that was hilarious.

kickpleat said...

That does it, I so need a circle hole puncher!! Lazy craft ideas, this post is for me!

Coco Cake Land said...

@friesinacone- heehee!

@jeannette - those hole puncher things have a MYRIAD of uses! i use it to make instant gift tags, cookie bag tags, cake flags, garlands... labels... faces... oh man. it's endless!!! xo said...

Love your garland! I just created one out of cupcake tins...super fun. Check out the video here Merry Christmas!