Inspiration: Nantucket Vintage Store Fronts

Dry Goods Store

Storefront pictures (circa 1900s) from the Nantucket Historical Association on flickr.  Many with beautiful decorated bunting and flags along with stunning hand painted signage.  See more from their business flickr set here.

Mary H. Nye, Dry and Fancy Goods Shop

Nantucket Employment Society

33 Main Street

The Boston Store

Platt's Views

Monument Square Grocery

Patrician Specialty Shoppe

Kenney's Choice Groceries & Fruit, Fishermen's, Gunners' & Yacht Supplies

Central Market, Siasconset

Surfside Lifesaving Station

Jan Halvarson


Bevy said...

Wonderful photos...thanks for sharing. Makes me wish my wee town looked like that!

Unknown said...

extraordinary photos; thanks for the Saturday morning inspiration

donna!ee said...

lovely pics...thank you much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw! I have some paintings in a gallery in Nantucket but I haven't visited there in person yet. I loved looking through these old photos, thanks!

LolaDee said...

Love these! Spent a summer on Nantucket a couple of years ago. Magical place. I love how it doesn't look too different to how it does in these pictures. Hoping to go back there soon :) Thanks for posting the pics.


MUS said...

can not get enough of these old photos!

kaitlyn sullivan said...

great post !
that first photo actually is pretty accurate to what it looks like present day still ;)