Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Fine Little Day

Contributor post by Elisabeth from Fine Little Day

Listen to this. My husband and I don't buy Christmas presents to each other. That's how romantic we are. The reason is because we have everything we need. I don't have this amazing handmade multi-coloured mobile by Renilde De Peuter though...

Another reason why we don't buy Christmas presents to each other is because we buy what we want when we yearn or need something. Like I would buy this awesome corridor rag rug from Morocco if I only had a good corridor for it. And then I would need a nice Marianne Westman tea cup to drink from when I sit there in the corridor, on the rug, looking at Renildes mobile dancing.

But the main reason for not buying Christmas presents may be that the crazy custom of giving Christmas gifts can provoke severe abundance anxiety. I rather stroll around in the park with a good book to read in my preferably African Straw Totes.

And IF, by a chance I would buy a Christmas present for my husband it would be something really good looking and spectacular. Like this midnight blue shirt with orange panther print from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

No, nowdays we wrap Christmas presents only for the kids. But even if I wish that, I practice what I preach; I will not pretend to be an anti-materialist. This (above) is what would be on my Christmas list, if I had any ;)

What's on YOUR Christmas/Holiday List?"

What about you, do you have a Christmas/Holiday wish list?


Elisabeth Dunker is an independent cross-disciplined designer/artist. Holds a MFA from HDK, School of Design and Crafts in Sweden. She also works as a photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden where she lives.  Visit her online here:


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heidi said...

Too many things are on my wish list, including a matching, blue toaster and coffee maker! ;) My significant other and I also do not buy gifts for each other.

Zane said...

beautiful wishlist

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in that rug. Overall nice wishlist :)