Weekend Projects Round-Up! 15 Awesome Ideas!

I've rounded up 15 of my favourite weekend projects over at Babble this weekend if you're in the mood for a little spiffing up the home!  From cake stands (like these from You Are My Fave) to switching out the kitchen cupboards; a bit of inspiration for a cool fall weekend!  Click here to see!

Jan Halvarson


LeeisADreamer said...

Aww so nice!!! I love baking so much!!! Love your blog!!!

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

Thanks for the link. This is perfect. I've been working on my display for my jewelry for Christmas craft fairs and looking everywhere for reasonable priced cake stands to place jewelry on. Well, now I'm going to make my own from this tutorial...and I can paint them whatever color I want! So pleased to have found this link :)