Wilsons Plushies + Patterns

Laura of the online shop, Wilsons creates these fun and playful toys that are intended for both children and adults alike.  Her work is simple, clever and super cute!  She also sells patterns so you can make your own if you wish.  She's also working with Lark Crafts on a book of plush patterns that will be released in 2013.  Check her shop out online below or at our market this month HERE.

Jan Halvarson


Momichka said...

Lovely toys!!
I'm currently sewing a sweater bunny for my baby boy, and these toys are so inspiring for future projects.

Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Love the fox. So cute and wel made.

Chara said...

That fox is really well made- my four year old has been loving on it for almost two years!