Today at Poppytalk Handmade: Hello Autumn

1. handpainted and hand sewn journals,  rough draft books
2. handfelted children's booties, wooly baby
3. print, pool pony
4. embroidered locket, stella saves the day
5. necklace, iswas+willbe
6.embroidered treehouse in hoop, jennie sandford

Jan Halvarson


leslie.jones said...

love the journals! you have a neat blog :)

Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

the locket is my fav!
a beautiful selection of items , as usual :)

Creaciones Verdes said...

I like all!! hehehehe

Die Schaubude said...

Very nice inspirations ....i like the first one ....tanja

silverpebble said...

I want slippers like that.

The Pool Pony print makes me think of the 1951 Festival of Britain.

Widge said...

all such beautiful creations!! so in love with autumn

Arantza said...

baby boots are great!