Hello Etsy + Berlin

I've been listening to the livestream lectures at Hello Etsy today as I work on our lookbook.  Cool they're broadcasting it online for those of us unable to be there. I really enjoyed Natalie Chanin's ( Alabama Chanin) lecture and how she tapped into the quilting community in Alabama to help create her designs and how it affected the community there.  Have you been listening too?  What have you liked so far?  (Above:  Print by Stephanie Levy - who's actually at Hello Etsy this weekend and also in our market this month.  Check her out here).

Jan Halvarson


Shauna said...

I listened to Tom Hodgkinson, who was pretty interesting.

rooth said...

Stephanie's prints are very cool - thanks for sharing

LadybirdMontoya said...

I've been listening while working for the past 2 days, and really enjoyed what Judy Wicks had to say about building a local interdependent economy. Natalie Chanin's talk was also one of my absolute favs.