Memo Pops! A Summer Project

The folks at Present and Correct sent over another one of their fun little DIYs to share today, and we're always game for their clever, cute and original  projects.  This time it's a summer themed stationery project. Memo-pops! Easy, graphic, fun. A super fun craft if the kids are bored or you fancy making a fun gift yourself.  If you haven't already be sure to check out Present and Correct's new blog here - it's a must-read!

You will need:
1. Wooden popsicle sticks, pads of sticky notes, pencil, glue, circle cutter, eraser, knife, ruler, card, packaging (optional)

2. Decide on your shapes. Varying scales make the memos more fun and geometric shapes are easiest to cut. Use a compass cutter for the circles. It is easier if you split the pad of stickies so you can cut neater layers, and then reassemble once you have cut out the shapes. A blob of blue tac will prevent a hole going all the way through the pad. Be sure to cut the shape within the section which contains the sticky part, otherwise your memos will fall off! Make sure you recycle the waste.

3. Once you have chosen your shapes arrange them on the stick, and draw around them onto the card. Cut this shape out.

4. Attach the stick with glue to the back of the card cut out. On the reverse side glue on the memo pads.

5. There are infinite possibilities. Cheap stickies come in lots of colours and sizes. You can add your name on the stick with transfers or even handwriting.

6. Make lists!

Jan Halvarson


Momichka said...

This is a neat idea.
Love the memo pad ice-creams :)

AnnieS said...

LOVE. And looks really easy too.

Hélène said...

So nice !

Barbi D. said...

This fab! I am thinking Teacher gifts! and one for me to as I think they would look so happy on my desk!