Mother's Day DIYs + Printables Mini Round-up

Loving this confetti DIY from Joke of Tokketok (via Creature Comforts).
(Also check out another beautiful post from Ez - confetti craze.)

Inspired by Miansai‘s colorful, stackable and adjustable rope bracelets DIY Rope Bracelet from the girls at Honestly WTF.

Mother's Day Breakfast idea and printables from Jordan Ferney

Adorable printable paper button embellishments by Creature Comforts

Jan Halvarson


Erika said...

Breakfast idea is so adorable!

Maie said...

i love them all!

Jolie Goodnight said...

The confetti idea is so brilliant. How did I not think of that?

Apollinariya said...

i also like all this smart ideas) simple and interesting!

Kathryn Hansen said...

bracelets are fantastic...i sent my daughter the directions and she's going to make some this weekend!! thanks!!