Dispatches from Australia: Collaborative Creative Spaces

Contributor post by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes
Melbourne is pretty much exploding with interesting projects, new crafty shops and fabulous social enterprises. Here are a teensy handful of my favourites....

The Social Studio
The Social Studio is an amazingly great epicentre of awesomeness.  It's just around the corner from my shop and home and consists of a commercial sewing studio, a boutique and a cafe, all acting as a training facility for members of the young refugee community. Garments are designed and handmade in store by Social Studio members and trainees, using excess manufacturing materials and recycled items. Masters of innovation that they are, they've launched their own pop-up shopping carts, taking their handmade garments and accessories to other parts of the city too.  They have a firm eye on sustainability, viability and social inclusion, as well as skill sharing.  I think this is such a great enterprise. Handmade lending a hand in all sorts of great ways.

Harvest Workroom
Harvest are the new kid in town (well, in Brunswick at least) and I think everyone should be their friend! Their fresh space just north of the city, is host to a completely fantastic everchanging kaleidescope of creative pursuits. You can learn screen printing, knitting, brooch making... and the month of June will feature papercraft classes with Beci Orpin and watercolour painting with Dawn Tan. Other upcoming classes include a whole lot of talented people, such as Betty Jo, Pop Craft and Abby Seymour. The Harvest space also features monthly artists in residence, pop up shops and markets too. They can totally sit next to me in the lunch room!

Also just a hop skip and a jump from my shop (I live in an awesome locale, no?!) is Dagmar Rousset. Part merchant of magnificent, part exhibition space and part French Language school, Dagmar is is the dayglo denizen of Gertrude Street! Their shop window is currently sporting an amazing piece by public artist Rowena Martinich (see it here)! If you can get past the Rowena-ness and venture within you'll find pieces by Emma the Shoemaker, lovely lingerie handmade by Hopeless, Steve Mono leather goods and (bless them) super adorable recycled cotton socks.

xx Pip

Pip Lincolne is an author, shopkeeper and clog enthusiast. She runs the Fitzroy store Meet Me at MikesFrankie Magazine. She's currently on deadline for book 3 and book 4. Her first book 'Meet Me at Mike's' will be released in the US in February 2011. You will usually find Pip making things, cooking things, photographing things, reading things or uploading things. with her family and writes craft books (Meet Me at Mike's and Sew La Tea Do) on the side. Pip is the founder of the world-wide craft group Brown Owls and the craft contributor or Frankie Magazine.

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