White Day Summary (Spring Colours Week)

Row 1:  spiralgirl1, kaitlyn sullivan, Janis Nicolay, Bekkah, orangesparrow, knitalatte11
Row 2:  fifthlampdown, Indianablue, Za Meander, jek in the box, deannalynn17, tuulikki titine
Row 3:  A Lovely World, flowerpress, flowerpress, flowerpress, the fabled needle, Hey LadyGrey
Row 4.  mrYen, 0o_irene_o0, this is my normal volume level, suffragette*, Alix!, mery donald

Stay tuned for a weekly summary later this afternoon!

Jan Halvarson


the fabled needle (jen) said...

gorgeous, i love varying shades of white! and thank you for including my dress pic. i was just saying on my blog that i was feeling a little sad that spring colours week ends today--so many beautiful photos have been added to the pool! anyway, have a great weekend!

flowerpress said...

Thanks Jan for hosting the wonderful Spring Colours week. I had so much fun looking through all the beautiful submissions and adding some of my own.
And thank you for featuring some of my pictures here in the white posts :-) It was very exciting to see them included!

0o_irene_o0 said...

thank you for posting one my pictures, it's been really fun to participate in your spring colour week! all the pictures are gorgeus!