Spring Colours Week Starts Today! (Monday | Green)

Garden Green Objects
We're hosting another colour week here on the blog. Starting today our Spring Colour Week kicks off with  the fabulous colour green! It's a fun way to welcome the new season!  Take some spring photo's and upload them to our flickr pool. Here's the colour schedule:

Mon Apr 4 - Green | Tue Apr 5 - Yellow | Wed Apr 6 - Pink | Thu Apr 7 - Lavender | Fri Apr 8 - White

Like past colour weeks, we'll be posting pictures uploaded to the pool each day, along with a summary of more each evening.  Check out the details (and a few rules) here. Spread the word, join the group here. Have fun!

For fun, I've made the frontpage at Poppytalk Handmade green today too!


spontaneous combustion
Camera Shy Momma

early greens
Resurrection Fern

poppytalk green: gingerbread
Jek in the Box

Jan Halvarson


Betty Bake said...

ooo so pretty :)

green is lovely :)

thanks for sharing

Betty Bake

Margie Oomen said...

here's hoping the rain today will green things up around here and melt that last little patch of snow under the magnolia tree.

Brittany H. said...

Hey, I love green and yellow, that's two of my favorite color combinations! (I even used it in my wedding last year.) It's the epitome of Springtime!

Happy Monday love!

PS- I'm hosting a jewelry GIVEAWAY this afternoon! Please come and see!

Jessi said...

that house is adorable!

Lily said...

Beautiful photos and love this color.


Lisa Pocklington said...

oh, exciting! I just joined the group & added my yellow photos

Lisa x