Fresh From the Oven: Steph Davlantes

Contributor post by Will Bryant

Steph Davlantes is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and currently working here in Austin, TX. After settling down here in Texas I quickly became friends with her and her boyfriend Blake Suarez.

Steph's work is thoughtful, fun, and often colorful. As a young designer she's got her sights set on making a difference through producing meaningful work. Here's a peak at some of my favorite pieces!

More from Steph:
- Portfolio
- Dribbble


Will Bryant is a freelance creative at Public School in Austin, TX. He's known for surfing the internet, crackin' smiles, and holding hands with his wife in public. Mr. Fancy Pants also enjoys drawing letters, browsing record stores, and bike rides with his sweetheart."

Jan Halvarson


Haley said...

I love this! It's so wonderful to see work with such heart.

Sarah Morgan said...

Wow -- I want all of these! Such fun, colorful pieces!

Janelle said...

I really want to buy a set of those alphabet cards! Where do I find them?

Fran said...

the headshine solution! can I get that in a poster?