VÉCU Magazine + Poppytalk Handmade

Today I happened upon this new feature of our market and didn't even know it was out yet!  Online publication, VÉCU Magazine (formerly known as Scout Magazine) did a little feature on us in their January issue and we couldn't be more thrilled!   Nice way to kick off 2011!  We also give 5 Tips on "How to start and maintain an indie business":

1. Remain as original as possible; stay true to yourself.
2. Participate in and support a community of like-minded people/makers.
3. Think of more than one way to make a living with your craft/idea, get creative.
4. Make/think of something new to make/create every month; stay current or better yet, stay ahead!
5. Dream big!

Just a bit of a disclaimer. The info they used about us, was taken (or cut and pasted) from a blog post dated back in 2009 - so in fact Poppytalk Handmade has been in business for the last 4 years (not two - as it's quoted).

Click here to see! Thanks Delina!  

Jan Halvarson

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