Cobra Rock

Guest Post by Amy Johnson of Puces POP

Colt Miller is the man behind Cobra Rock's amazing handmade cowboy ( & cowgirl) boots ( I had the pleasure of meeting him while he lived briefly in Montreal. He has now returned to his home state of Texas where he handcrafts his beautiful footwear.

Born and raised in West Texas, in a family that had been ranchers in the area since 1900, Colt learned the dying trade from a local man who taught him in exchange for guitar lessons. 

Colt would teach the man to play guitar while they waited for glue or leather to dry and after 7 months Colt decided to make it on his own. He took out a loan, gathered some hard to find supplies and got to work. The results are absolutely beautiful. Colt's designs have a way of looking contemporary and totally at home in the desert. 

In August of this year Colt moved to Marfa, Texas where both he and his girlfriend have started creating other leather goods like pillows and bags inspired by "papel picados" (cut-paper banners used to decorate altars). When he's not making boots Colt spend his time guarding the art at the Chinati Foundation ( or playing in his band, Thrift Store Cowboys ( Lucky boy.
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Jan Halvarson


Lady Grey said...

these are awesome!!

Julie said...

wow! the red boots are amazing!! want! thank you for posting this!

Unknown said...

i have always wanted a pair of cowgirl boots. i had a pair when i was 5 and just haven't found the right pair to replace them since. maybe i have found them now!

Anonymous said...

yaayy colt! these are beauteous