Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide: The Festive Home

Today we're "officially" starting our Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide (although we slipped in a few last week to get a head start - click here to see them); and we were also asked to do a Gift Guide over at The Storque on Etsy which is being featured today. Click here to see! Hope you like them!

1. Vintage Wool Banner by Jill Bent
2. French Ticking Pillow by Jill Bent
3. Mushie Terrarium by Cori Kindred
4. Star Pillow Case by Chakra Pennywhistle
5. Red Autumn Assemblage by Cori Kindred
6. Vintage Noel Letters by Bellalulu
7. Porcelain Mushroom Terrarium by Kg & Ab
8. Autumn Tea Towel by Bookhou

Jan Halvarson


gertie @ The Old Block House said...

Such gorgeous finds! I sell vintage on Etsy and am always blown away by the creative talents of the artists found there. Totally green with envy, but in awe of their work.


Pinecone Camp said...

That mushroom terrarium is so cute!

Fiore Jewellery said...

I just came here from the storque ;o) Great blog - I love your gift guide!

Amy Herbst said...

The tea towel by Bookhou is lovely. Enjoying your blog!

Tash said...

love the fun wool garland!

SodaPopGirl said...

oh I love this collection. I am so inspired! I am going to make the plaid garland for my boyfriends studio!

Jill said...

oh wow! thank you for the mentions, jan!!