Autumn Colours Week! Yellow Collage

Yellow sunYellow Highlights 2Yellow Highlights 1

Today was really beautiful in Autumn Colours Week Pool Land. But then how can one go wrong when it comes to yellow. Here's a few highlights. Top photo: Yellow Sun by Geninne, Mexico.

Row 1
htekmo; zsita; jek in the box; Geninne; jodi mckee; knitalatte11

Row 2
Telling Stories ? Hettle; enzo & lulu; xanthe berkeley; Telling Stories / Hettle; Leah Giberson; Helen Ailsa

Row 3
Geninne; Geninne; bheuer; bheuer; enzo & lulu; girlhula

Row 4
solsticehome; kaitlyn sullivan; rocketrobyn; Lecia | A Day That is Dessert; creatocrat; sfgirlbybay

Row 5
Dahlhaus; Cori Kindred; Zsita; jek in the box; sweetmyrtle; Geninne

Jan Halvarson


Melissa Righero said...

"...Mellow Yellow..."

Anonymous said...

So lovely! I adore the colors of Autumn. I also adore Geninne's artwork! Just posted on her so it was funny to see her pop up again. Love that. Your blog is simply beautiful. It's always a treat to visit.

xanthe said...

loving your colour week, thank you for choosing one of mine! xoxo

Michelle P said...

Yellow is such an instant mood-booster. I was thrilled to see my zigzag photo here!

Raiza said...

ALL YELLOW !This is definitely dedicated to me. my house is more yellow than the sun! check out my kitchen !

Robyn said...

Thank you for adding my photograph!