Artist Fun Facts Spotlight: Tokketok

Name: Joke Vande Gaer
Your Brand:
Your Blog:
What you dreamed of making as a child: I always dreamt of making an enormous flower carpet!
What do you dream of now:I'd still love to make a flower carpet, maybe now in print!
Your motto: Never do to anyone what you don't want them to do to you (thanks mom for teaching me this motto for 29 years!)
Your hero: My grandfather! He is so handy, clever, incredibly creative and to top it all of...he's a sweetheart!
Your favorite song: Good riddance by Greenday.
Your favourite part of summer: Long warm nights, just sitting outside, chatting with my husband and some friends over a good glass of wine...

Jan Halvarson

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Beth Dotolo said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that happy note!! So cute and clever.