Photo Credit: Michelle Lindsay, Advertising Editor at Paper Magazine
Native is a local shoe company that creates some super fun, beachy-type classic -inspired footwear. Slip into them for a quick stroll, or toss them into your carry-on, they are made with the lightest and totally most comfortable foamy material around. Visit their Facebook Page to see more. Available in Vancouver at Antisocial, El Kartel, Pacific Boarder and Mr. Lee's; also available for N. America and Asia. (Via V.I.A.).

Jan Halvarson


shoes of course said...

I wonder if it is the same foam used in Crocs? Being in the trade, I have not seen or heard of this brand, but cool to know. Thanks for posting it!


Eugenia Ramos Psijas said...

Ohhh nice shoes !
excelent post


visit me !!!

GA+E said...

this are too cool. much less chunky than crocs! would love to try these out :)

kendal croix. said...

those shoes are genius.

kickpleat said...

wow, these are super cool! need some nice water shoes for beach times!