30 Days of Home and Entertaining

30 days 01Photo credit: Mr. Jason Grant

30 Days of Home & Entertaining is an exciting new concept in Australian publishing and an excellent way to revitalize the magazine industry; something publishers here in North America should take note of. Magazines gather together to create an interactive event; bringing the pages of magazines to life by giving readers the opportunity to meet editors, sylists, designers and industry experts in one space.

The house where it is hosted is built from scratch and throughout the month of April it keeps changing and evolving to demonstrate the diversity of the magazines; showing initial concepts through to styling each room. They've created an event to demystify decorating, with a stage of all the elements of how a home design can be explored and everything put together to plan a home. From interiors, gardens, food, wine and money (even tips on how to be financially savvy with your money so you can buy a home).


Jan Halvarson

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