Nicole Lavelle for Willamette Week

Contributer post by Will Bryant

The lovely Nicole Lavelle recently made some covers for the Willamette Week (Portland, Oregon's news weekly). I think they are absolutely amazing, but I'm biased because I'm pretty much giddy for anything she makes.


Here's a peek into the behind scenes! This lady knows whats up.

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Jan Halvarson


Kelly Anne Powers said...

This is great! It's also great to see a bit of the behind the scenes aspect.

katebingburt said...

YAY! I get so excited when I see these!!

Unknown said...

Such a great cover. BEAUTIFUL!

nicole lavelle said...

Oh hooray! Thank you for this lovely post, Will and Poppytalk! I'm honored!

Erin Dollar said...

i love that behind the scenes shot! i really appreciate it when artists and designers give us a peek into their process, it's always so inspiring.

jenny said...

I love behind the scenes pictures! Thanks for posting this!

Jan Halvarson said...

they're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is so cool to see what a magazine cover set up is like. Thanks:)

Coco Cake Land said...

so cool!! love it. and love the behind-the-scenes peak.