The Poppies: Vote No. 10 Favourite Photographer

The following artists/shops were nominated last week during our nomination process under the "photographers category". Please vote in the Poll below for your Favourite Photographer (we have included their links below the poll so you can check them out before voting). One vote will be allowed per computer and only one vote per category. The voting commences effective today through to January 29th at 11:59 pm. The other categories will be published one category per day or more (if time allows), each category will be open for voting for one week after it has been posted. All categories will be posted this week. The winners will be announced by Friday, February 5th, 2010. Click here to read the history. Good luck!

Abby Try Again
adrienne gunde photography
Alicia Bock
Ben Chrisman
Bethany Jackman
Bits of Time
Blissful Images
brany j photography
Cameron Wittig
Cassia Beck
city lights photography
davina + daniel
dustin parr
Elle Moss
Emma Bradshaw
Enchanted Pond
Ewan Phelan
Fine Little Day
Gallery 32
Ian Willms
Icha Photography
James Moes
Jennifer Squires
Jetty Kolobaric
Joseph + Jaime Photography
Kevin Van Lierop
Kristin Cofer Photography
Little Gray Pixel
Mariana Sabino
matt shwartz
ms teso
Olivia Bee
Photography by Lori H
Preetalina Photography
Raining Sheep
Roadside Photographs
Sandra Enns
Sarah Brown
Scott Mansfield
stellan herner
stephanie land
Susan J. Hale
Susannah Conway
Susannah Tucker
Sweet Eventide
the photo zoo
Yann Pendaries

Jan Halvarson


EFAP said...

I nominate CactusHuggers

Unknown said...

Elle Moss all the way!

Chris Teso said...

My wife. The gorgeous taker of gorgeous photos.

vote yes on ms. teso.

Char said...

what a wonderful group of people!

go Susannah!

Kerstin said...

Quite the line up! The only one I am missing is Madelyn Mulvaney from Persisting Stars (a fellow Canadian from White Rock), she is pretty amazing, too. Mind you, this way I didn't have the dilemma of chosing between her and another favorite, Susannah Conway :) Take care, Kerstin

Tracy said...

Fantastic group of artists here! I vote for Raining Sheep :o)

Gon Choi said...

I vote for adrienne gunde photography!

Cherry said...

My vote goes to Adrienne Gunde Photography :)

Cristina Silva said...

My vote goes to Mariana Sabino. I love her work.

kevin jones said...

I vote for Alicia Bock she has outstanding work in photography

georgia b. said...

oh, no!
i am torn.

i think i have to vote for alicia bock, as i am more familiar with her work and have been following it longer. she is hands down one of my favorite photographers.

but i recently discovered raining sheep, and i love her work, too.

still, i think i will have to vote for alicia bock photography.
i hope she wins!

sweetlight said...

Elle has it! Go girl!