Life's a Blizzard!

Athropologie rockefeller center New York Window DisplayColorfly Studio

Oh my mind is in a whirlwind of to-do's today, how about you? And quite frankly, I can't get a grip on things! So here's what I've been noticing as of late.

These beautiful window displays at Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center in New York via Colorfly Studio(and enlarge this one, it's the best)!

A beautiful wreath tutorial (with succulents!)

A film by Charles and RAy Eames for Polaroid via swissmiss

18 days of festive freebies from Creature Comforts

Love everything about this Holiday Wish List (the picks, the layout, everything)!

Tamara Taggart's Christmas Cookie Exchange (recipes, guests and all)! Especially these by local stylist, Heather Cameron.

And some Festive Observations.

I'm off to do some wrapping! Have an awesome day everyone!

Jan Halvarson


Oh, My Darling said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the 18 days of freebies -- I'm very tempted to make the little acorn ornaments. How adorable!

Jessica Nichols said...

Yes, a whirlwind but I'm stuck in bed with a lame bug of some kind! Ack. I did a list of links yesterday myself and it was hard to stop myself. I *love* that video about the SX-70, I found it when my husband surprised me with one on my birthday this year. Love!

CreativeButterflyXOX said...

I love Christmas windows :)