Inspiration: Collecting

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Earlier this fall we were inspired by all the colours that you folks uploaded to our Autumn Colour Week flickr pool that we thought we'd give it a go this week with collections and see if we had any bites out there. So the plan is, (if you're game), to upload your beloved collections to our Poppytalk Collectors Pool on flickr and then as the week goes by each day we'll pick a few on either a theme, colour or atmosphere (if that makes sense) and post them here! We're excited to see what happens, and do hope you'll join us! Click here to get inspired!

Heather Smith Jones

old pennants make me happyHula Seventy

::apartment living::off off and awayCat Collier


the cup and saucer collectionPerfectbound

monday: yellowHula Seventy

Jan Halvarson


Ash said...

I love little collections!! I must say I'm starting a few myself.

2 by Design said...

Loving this! So nice to see that my "wall of white" would fit in somewhere other than my own space. :)

Coco Cake Land said...

woh! great idea for the pennants to make a PENNANT BANNER. i have a lovely collection of pennants that were all my dad's when he was a kid... i am going to make myself a pennant banner!

i started a collection of old photographs of MASCOTS. so far i only have 1 photo in my collection!!! :)