2010 Calendar Round-Up: Daisy Janie

daisy chain calendar

A new calendar to add to our round-up from Jan DiCintio's, Daisy Janie shop. An eco-friendly (offset printed with FSC & Ecologo Certified) 2010 calendar with big squares on big pages (11" x 17") - perfect for scheduling each day and also features a section at the top for jotting things to schedule, remember, call about and shop for. The underlying motivation for designing the calendar as she did is organization. Jan tells us she always found herself scribbling notes and numbers in the margins of their calendar, and she created a big ‘ole note-jotting section at the top of each month just for that purpose! And it has awesome illustrations to inspire us! Yay Jan!

Link to etsy section: Daisy Janie Calendars
Link to etsy listing: Daisy Janie Etsy Shop
Link to main website: daisyjanie.com

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Looks like one of the prettiest and the most functional calendars I've see so far this year. (If I designed a calendar it would probably be very pretty but not very functional!)

Post Typography said...

You might also want check out our limited edition "2010 By The Numbers" calendar featuring 12 typographic illustrations and lettering treatments.