Inspiration: The Pantry Door

Country Living, Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

Dreaming about pantries today. I never had one before, so even though mine is very small and actually holding paint at the moment, I thought I'd log some inspiration.

Country Living - Photo Credit: Steve Gross and Sue Daley

Country Living, Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

Country Living, Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

Jan Halvarson


Di Overton said...

When I was last in London I visited Few and Far, owned by Terence Conran's sister, to do a feature on them for my blog. They showed me their kitchen door that was made from a 1950s industrial freezer door, it was amazing just like a giant fridge in their shop.

The Rotary said...

Oh what I wouldn't do for a pantry. And a pantry door.

I love the chalkboard idea!

mooshoo said...

ooh! i love these pics!
i have open shelving in my kitchen (have for many years now) AND.. a pantry!! i love love love it! always a must for me :)

plus the idea of a room full of food.. mmm mmm mmm ;) hehe

Amy said...

Great pictures. I really like the look of that red door.

elisa said...

oh, i love the decorative door & cabinet! after a long time pining for one, i have a little pantry 'shed' - so it's just outside my kitchen. from the outside it is very cute, but i haven't known how to use it well inside. it's more shed than pantry these days! these are great ideas. nothing so beautiful and soothing as a row of preserves. x