Makeover on a Budget: Kitchen Plans

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Last week I saw a post on Desire to Inspire on open shelving for the kitchen. We had them in our last kitchen (which was galley style); and now I'm thinking about them for our new kitchen for two reasons. It's a lot cheaper to do and because I love the look, don't you? It's a modern take on the cosy cabin kitchen, and like a professional kitchen, so efficient (no cupboard doors to open and shut). The only negative of course is dust, and keeping it looking somewhat organized. Here's a few that have caught my eye (including a couple mentioned at Kim's post). Also a big congrats to Kim's very own and awesome kitchen being featured in the October issue of Style at Home. You can also visit it here.

Click here to see more open shelving ideas for the kitchen I found on my hunts.

Jan Halvarson


Di Overton said...

What a very inspirational post. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I love a combination - I house cookbooks, large colorful serving dishes and some of my antiques on the open shelving - I house the stuff that I don't want people to see (food, ugly containers, etc) in the cabinets. I also converted a few of the cabinets to have glass doors to keep the nicer dishes in - it also really opens things up a bit.

I like open shelving to be organized and hold really beautiful things, but I don't like to see too much clutter on them because it can really look like a mess.

If it is done right - it can be absolutely beautiful.

kim. said...

Thanks Jan!!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

This looks fantastic!