A lovely marriage: Pee Pants Script Font + Round Robin Press

This past February I posted about a font called Pee Pants Script (the funniest font name ever) and today I received an email from designer Shannon Lowry of Round Robin Press (remember her plantable cards); who recently designed a letterpressed wedding invitation set using the font, and I just had to post it here. She did such an awesome job, from the invite itself to the cute menu cards and pre-ceremony festivities. I just love the stringed lights. See it all at her blog here. And congratulations to the happy couple, Natasha and Lachlan!

Pee Pants Script font by Kirk Shelton.

Jan Halvarson


kim said...

sigh....a veggie option!

Gaboushka said...

I've been on Poopytalk (oops, I mean poppy..., bet that's not the first time...) so long that my eyes are confused! Love the Handmade Market. Am going to do a celebratory post!