I made this for you... vol.3

I made this for you
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shauna doesn't exactly have a green thumb but, she's managed to keep our small crop of plants alive for more than a year now. we've had a trip planned for a while so she's been worried about how her plants would survive while we're gone. last night, i decided to do a little research. as it turns out, there are many options for self irrigation. the simplest... plastic water bottles! it was super easy, all you have to do is add a small pin hole in the top of the cap, fill the bottle with water and securely place it upside down into the soil about two inches or so. the final touch, add another pin hole to the bottom of the bottle (this relieves the pressure) and you're all set! now her plants will have top notch care while we're gone.

From stephen

Jan Halvarson


resalikescolors said...

what a great ides! I wish I had seen this sooner, maybe my basil plant would still be alive...

Marie Wyatt said...

this is a plant lifesaver. since i can't get up to my cabin every weekend, i've been using the ole water bottle to keep my little basil seedlings alive and well in my absence! it really does work wonders.

Marjon Hoogervorst said...

this will solve all my problems I've with holding plants!

Pixie said...

What a great idea! Love the graphics on the platic bottles. Very cool

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Thanks for the great tip! One could make a small fortune out of making beautiful recycled bottles just for this purpose!