Hulaseventy: Paper Twins

by Andrea of Hulaseventy

Seen recently in Atlanta: fresh street art by Paper Twins. I drove by this piece on Ponce and immediately pulled over to take a closer look (and a photograph, of course). Birds with necklaces? Yes.

I came across this piece while walking down North Highland Ave. Sweetness.

"draw paint cut paste stir smile"

That's what I found on her flickr profile page. I like that.

And along one of my favorite Atlanta streets, Dekalb Avenue, is a piece I really wish I'd seen while I was in town.

More on Dekalb Ave.

At MJQ on Ponce.

Wheat paste street art at its best. Truly. If you live in the Atlanta area, be on the look out. These pieces are worth finding.

(The last five images are from the Paper Twins flickr stream)

Post by Andrea of Hulaseventy

Jan Halvarson


Laura Trevey said...

I would love to come across one of those after seeing this post!!

So cool ~~

Jamie said...

I had no idea what those were when I saw them. Good to know! I'll keep my eyes open for more.

Giovanna said...

Your blog is so inspiring! I love visiting it!!

Meghan said...


I live in Atlanta and have seen all of these and it does my heart good to see them here.

Go Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Seeing these photos just made my whole day!

Kelly Lynn Jones said...

these are great, love the stack of books!

lisa solomon said...

OMG so good